News21 January 2016

Battlefront III Dev Build Leaked

A 4chan user and self-avowed fan of prototype games has leaked a development build on 4chan and Reddit. Although the original links have now been removed from Reddit due to rules against sharing pirated content, it will still be out there somewhere if you look hard enough. Before you do hunt it down, however, make sure you have an Xboc 360 modded to development kit standards.

Reviews18 January 2016

Battlefront 2015 Review

How has EA fared in resurrecting a shooter franchise that first competed with Halo 2 in the modern era of glitzy triple-A FPS titles released on an annual basis? Only time will tell, but let’s examine the facts of Battlefront so that you can decide for yourself.

News22 December 2015

New Hints About Visceral Star Wars Title

EA and Visceral have put up a job listing for a Senior Game Designer, looking for someone competent with class design, skill progression and much, much more. The details of any contents of the title remain tightly under wraps, but several outlets are already calling the unnamed game an Open-World RPG from the job description alone. While exciting news, the description might not hold quite as much information in it as some outlets might want us to believe.

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News5 December 2015

EA Denies Battlefront Underperfomance

According to GameStop executives, the still freshly released Star Wars Battlefront is underperfoming in sales when compared to EA projections. Peter Moore, EA CEO, has stated that they are surprised by such comments, and that they see long legs on the title.

News30 November 2015

Battlefront: Battle of Jakku gameplay trailer

EA released a reveal trailer for the much-anticipated free update for their 2015 release of Star Wars: Battlefront involving The Battle of Jakku, a key event in the new Star Wars canon.

News30 November 2015

Viking Unveils Star-Wars Themed Post-It Mural

UK-based seller of office supplies has unveiled an amazing post-it mural, showing off Yoda, R2-D2, Darth Vader, and a Stormtrooper.

Articles30 November 2015

A Brief History of Factor 5

A brief article relaying the highlights of the history of Factor 5, a pioneer developer of Star Wars video games.

Reviews28 November 2015

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader retrospective review

Ever since we first saw those X-Wings swoop down on the Death Star in A New Hope, many of us have dreamt of becoming X-Wing pilots. The dream truly became reality with this game.

News23 November 2015

Battlefront: Biggest Star Wars Game Launch in the UK

Star Wars Battlefront has spiked past The Force Unleashed as the fastest selling Star Wars video game in UK market history.

News23 November 2015

The Force Awakens within Google

Google has launched an invasion of Star Wars into their websites and apps!

News21 November 2015

Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond on Star Wars and storytelling

In a recent interview with Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond, the two influential game developers talk about Star Wars and storytelling.

News18 November 2015

Is the Darth Maul Game Being Resurrected?

A developer at Red Fly Studios comments on the possibility of the Darth Maul feature game being revived for current generation platforms.